Call for committee post: membership secretary

The current membership secretary of CAA, César González-Pérez, has served his two terms and is not eligible for re-election.

CAA invites members to apply for the membership secretary post. Candidates must be CAA members and applications by all CAA members will be considered. CAA encourages in particular applications from female or non-European CAA members. The tasks associated with this post are given below. Candidates must express an interest in the post before 1 February 2018 by sending a motivational statement and CV to the CAA secretary. Please contact the CAA secretary if additional information is required. To become a CAA member, please visit our website.

CAA is a growing international community with an active membership of over 500 academics and professionals with a shared interest in computational archaeology. The CAA has organised annual international conferences since 1973 and has 14 national chapters spread across the globe. As an officer of CAA you will help carry on this strong tradition by coordinating CAA’s organisation throughout the year and by encouraging the continued growth of a diverse and inspiring community.

The membership secretary is an ESC Officer post (Executive Steering Committee). ESC officers are elected by CAA members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for terms of three years, and each officer may hold their post for up to two terms. It is then however possible to be elected for a different post. Candidates must be able to commit an estimated equivalent of three weeks of full-time work spread throughout the year to CAA business. Candidates must also be able to attend the yearly conference and an ESC meeting at the conference venue (or sometimes via Skype) usually in December/January before the conference (financial support is available for this pre-conference meeting but not for the conference itself). The election of officers for these posts will happen by CAA members during the AGM at CAA 2018 (19-23 March 2018). If there are multiple candidates for the post, the candidates will be asked to give a short (2 minute) motivational statement at the AGM before the vote takes place.

Membership Secretary

The tasks of this post include:

  • Communication with the membership through mailing list, CAA website updates, and answering questions by membership
  • Coordinate communication activities with the outreach officer
  • Organizing the information on current and past members of CAA by maintaining and updating the members database
  • Issuing certificates of membership for past events
  • Gathering and maintaining figures about proposals, presentations, proceedings and attendees of past and current conferences

Candidates interested in applying for this post should send a short motivational statement and a CV to the CAA secretary before 1 February 2018. Candidates are invited to get in touch with the current membership secretary (César González-Pérez, to find out more about the responsibilities and duties.