CAA’s New Logo

CAA redesigned its logo ahead of the 50th conference, which was held in Amsterdam in April 2023. CAA International will use the special 50 years logo to commemorate the organisation’s first half century through the end of this year. The official color of the international logo is Stratos Blue. All national chapters are also moving to new logos based on the primary design, each in their own unique color.

Meaning Behind the New Logo

CAA’s new logo is designed to reflect the interconnectedness of the people, networks, and landscapes we study as archaeologists. It also offers a nod to the technical, spatial, and mathematical analyses we employ to unlock the past. Lastly, it signifies the bonds formed within our international community, linking both our individual members and our national chapters through our mutual interests in computational archaeology.

Four versions of CAA's new logo: Primary, Infill, Primary Inverted, and Infill Inverted
Variations of CAA’s New Logo