Travel Bursaries

The CAA bursary program provides funding to students, early-career researchers, and low-income professionals as well as those from less affluent regions to help defray travel expenses for attending the annual conference.  Bursaries help to encourage participation in the annual CAA conference and support the expansion of the CAA community. CAA also awards the best student paper presented at the annual conference the Nick Ryan Bursary.

Bursary Applications for the 2025 Conference in Athens

Information about the application process and timeline for applying for a travel bursary for the CAA2025 conference in Athens will be posted toward the end of this year.

Bursary Applications for the 2024 Conference in Auckland

Deadline: The deadline to request funds has passed, and all applicants have been notified of the status of their request.

CAA2024 will be held 8 – 12 April in Auckland, New Zealand. Student and low-income members were eligible to apply for a limited number of travel bursaries to support their expenses. Preference will be given to applicants who are active contributors to the CAA community, typically by presenting a paper/poster or by chairing a session. The period to submit a bursary application has now passed. Awarded funds will be disbursed during the conference in Auckland.

What is new about the application process?

We have made several changes to the bursary application process this year:

  • For the 2023 conference, we implemented a new standardised application form–one for students and one for concessionary/low-income members. We will be using this same process for the 2024 conference, so applicants will need to download the relevant application form; complete the form, including the budget and written statement; compile the supporting documents; and upload everything through our website.
  • CAA is adopting a new membership fee structure in 2024. Folks who anticipate being concessionary members in 2024 as well as regular members residing in Group B countries are eligible to apply for a bursary.
  • The application period is earlier than in previous years. This is so that we can notify applicants as to whether they will be receiving funding by early December, enabling attendees to plan their travel well in advance of the conference, although award funding will be disbursed at the conference.
  • The bursary request amounts have been predetermined to provide applicants a sense of how much funding they may receive. Please refer to the table below in the section on Bursary Amounts for additional information. Bursaries will be distributed in euros by bank transfer during the conference.
  • We expect to offer fewer bursaries this year, but many in larger amounts to help with expenses for traveling to New Zealand. Thus, the application process will likely be competitive, so we have compiled some tips on preparing a strong bursary request.

Bursary Amounts

CAA concessionary members as well as regular members residing in Group B countries are eligible to apply for a travel bursary. Applicants will request one of the amounts listed in the table below, with the maximum amount an individual may ask for being based upon anticipated 2024 membership status and region of residence (i.e. how far they live from Auckland) as shown in the table below. Bursaries rarely cover all travel expenses, so applicants are strongly encouraged to seek out other funding to help with costs, and applicants are welcome to request a lower bursary amount if they do not need the maximum funding for their category.

Applicants will need to submit a travel budget showing anticipated expenses equal to or greater than the bursary amount requested. Depending on the availability of funding and the number of applications received, we may award funding at lower amounts than requested. If you have questions or are uncertain about how much to request, please email the Bursary & Student/Low Income Officer.

AmountsConcessionary Group B1Regular Group B1Concessionary Group A2
€175Greater Auckland
€1000OceaniaAfrica, Asia, EuropeAfrica, Asia, Europe
€1500Africa, Asia, EuropeSouthern and Central AmericaNorthern, Central,
and Southern America
€2000Southern and Central America
Maximum Bursary Requests Based Upon 2024 Membership Status and Region of Residence

1Group B: Members not residing in any of the countries listed below.

2Group A: Members residing in any of these countries: Andorra; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Bermuda; British Virgin Islands; Brunei Darussalam; Canada; Cayman Islands; Cyprus; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greenland; Hong Kong SAR (China); Iceland; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Japan; Korea, Republic of; Kuwait; Liechtenstein; Luxembourg; Macao SAR (China); Malta; Monaco; Netherlands; New Caledonia; New Zealand; Norway; Puerto Rico; Qatar; San Marino; Singapore; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States of America

Distribution of Bursary Awards at the Conference

Successful bursary applicants will receive their funds through bank transfers. Awards will be made in euros, regardless of where the conference is held, since CAA is registered and maintains its bank account in Europe. Prior to the conference, bursary recipients will receive a form requesting additional information. Recipients will need to give their completed forms to the Bursaries and Student/Low Income Officer at a designated time during the conference in order to receive their bursary. The bank transfer will be initiated as soon as possible after the form is received, and we anticipate that most recipients should have the funds in their accounts within a few hours of the transaction. 

Questions about the Bursary Process? Please contact the Bursary & Student/Low Income Officer at:

Bursary Information for Recent Conferences

Forty-one bursaries were awarded for CAA2019 in Krakow.  These ranged between €75 (c. $83) for applicants from Europe who were presenting a paper/poster and €800 (c. $890) for students from the Rest of World (outside Europe and North and South America) who were presenting a paper/poster or chairing a session/roundtable.  No bursaries were awarded in 2020 due to the event being cancelled because of Covid-19 nor in 2021 when the conference was fully virtual. Thirteen travel bursaries were awarded for the CAA2022 conference in Oxford. Because fewer applications were submitted, awarded amounts were increased slightly, ranging from €370 to €1,020. For CAA2023 in Amsterdam we saw a strong increase in applications. 57 bursaries were awarded, ranging from €100 to €900.