Community for Good

The CAA community is comprised of talented and skilled people who are connected by their mutual passion for recording, studying, and interpreting the world’s cultural heritage. In the face of crises and conflicts, such as the ongoing war in Ukraine, members of the community may wish to volunteer their time and expertise in addition to supporting humanitarian efforts. This new portal will feature information about opportunities for supporting colleagues, researchers, and students affected by war as well as initiatives dedicated to documenting endangered cultural heritage. Additional information will be posted over the coming weeks, so please check back regularly for updates, and please see the bottom of the page for information on how to submit other relevant projects.

Query about Supporting Displaced Researchers

Programs around the world are helping to support students and faculty displaced by the war. Some researchers were nearly finished with their degrees when they were forced to flee their homes. In many cases, these scholars had already completed defense of their dissertations and were awaiting final confirmation from their universities of successful completion of their PhDs.

We have been asked to query the CAA community for suggestions of programs, universities, and other resources that would be willing to accommodate or assist scholars who had virtually completed their degrees. We welcome ideas for programs that are specific to archaeology and history as well as broader suggestions as there are likely Ukrainian researchers across all disciplines who find themselves in this challenging position. Please email ideas to CAA’s Secretary and the information will be passed along to Ukrainian colleagues.

Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO)

Volunteer project that is archiving heritage-related web content and data in Ukraine.

Science for Ukraine

A website seeking to help Ukrainian scholars and students find opportunities at institutions around the world.

Supporting the Ukrainian Journal Arheologia

Arheologia is an open access research journal published quarterly by the Institute of Archaeology, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Authors may wish to submit relevant articles for publication in the journal. The journal is facing a shortage of new submissions that is likely to continue due to the displacement of and disruptions faced by Ukrainian colleagues. Papers can be published in English or Ukrainian. 

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been created to help support editorial staff as well as for the purchase of hardware and software needed for producing three more issues of the journal this year.
GoFundMe Link: 

Do you have a project or initiative that you would like featured? Please send a brief description along with the project’s web address or contact information to CAA’s Secretary.