Bursary applications for 2019 are now closed!


The CAA Bursary Scheme is intended to provide financial assistance to students, early career researchers and low income professionals or those from less affluent regions.  Bursaries are intended to encourage participation in the annual CAA conference and help sustain the expansion of the CAA community.

55 bursaries, ranging between €170 (c. $195) for applicants from the EU who were presenting a paper/poster and €515 (c. $600) for students from the Rest of World (outside Europe and North and South America) who were presenting a paper/poster or chairing a session/roundtable, were awarded for CAA 2018 in Tübingen.

Bursaries will be available for CAA 2019 in Kraków and preference will be given to applicants who are active contributors to the CAA community, typically by presenting a paper/poster or by chairing a session.  Applications will also be welcome from new members of the CAA community who wish to attend CAA for the first time in order to advance their future academic research or career prospects.

It is expected that applicants for bursaries will have sought their own additional funding from other sources. Bursaries are intended to support those who truly need financial help. All funded students will have to provide an overview of their funding.

Applicants will have to explain why they are requesting a bursary, along with itemised costs and a statement of other sources of funding for which they have applied. A current CV and proof of student/employment status will also be necessary*. Any application without these relevant documents will be rejected.

All application materials should be submitted in English.

Key dates for applications to the CAA Bursary Scheme are outlined below:

  • Open: 15th October 2018;
  • Deadline: 18th January 2019;
  • Notification: 18th February 2019.

The Early bird registration deadline is the 3rd March 2019

Applicants will be notified of the amount they have been awarded by email.

Bursary holders are also entitled to the reduced conference registration fee.

The full CAA Bursary Policy document can be downloaded here

The application form can be downloaded here

Please include your name within the filename of the PDF

All applications (and queries) should be sent to: bursaries@caaconference.org.

* Students should supply a copy of their student card or a letter confirming the course that they are studying for from their head of department on official letterhead with a valid date from this academic year (without a date we are unable to confirm if you are a current student); other applicants should supply a letter stating their job title and salary from their employer on an official letterhead.  All information will remain confidential.