The CAA Bursary Scheme is intended to provide financial assistance to students, early career researchers and low income professionals or those from less affluent regions.  Bursaries help to encourage participation in the annual CAA conference and support the expansion of the CAA community.

Bursary Applications for the 2022 Conference in Oxford

Application Deadline: 12 June 2022

CAA 2022 will take place 8-11 August in Oxford as a hybrid conference. Travel bursaries for students and low income individuals will be available for CAA 2022 and preference will be given to applicants who are active contributors to the CAA community, typically by presenting a paper/poster or by chairing a session.  Applications will also be welcome from new members of the CAA community who wish to attend CAA for the first time in order to advance their future academic research or career prospects.

The period for applying a bursary will start on 1 June 2022 in conjunction with the paper acceptances being sent out. To be considered, applicants will need to submit an itemised travel budget, a current CV, and proof of student/employment status. In addition, each applicant must prepare a brief statement, not to exceed one single-spaced page, explaining why a bursary has been requested, the details of other potential funding sources, and information on any presentations to be given at the conference.

It is expected that applicants for bursaries will have sought their own additional funding from other sources. Bursaries are to help defray the costs of travel expenses, so will only be available to those attending the conference in person.

Bursary applicants will be notified of the success of their requests within two weeks of the application deadline.

Questions about the Bursary Process? Please contact Ulla Rajala, the Bursaries & Student/Low Income Officer, at: bursaries@caaconference.org.

Bursary Information for Recent Conferences

Forty-one bursaries were awarded for CAA 2019 in Krakow.  These ranged between €75 (c. $83) for applicants from Europe who were presenting a paper/poster and €800 (c. $890) for students from the Rest of World (outside Europe and North and South America) who were presenting a paper/poster or chairing a session/roundtable.  No bursaries were awarded for CAA 2020 in Oxford due to the event being cancelled because of Covid-19.

CAA 2021 was a virtual conference, so the registration fees were lower than usual and attendees did not incur additional travel or accommodation expenses. In light of this, and with an eye towards properly funding the Bursary Scheme for the next in-person CAA conference, it was decided the most appropriate course of action was to pause the Bursary Scheme until 2022.

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