Ukraine Crisis Working Group

As a follow-up to the ESC’s statement on Ukraine, CAA has established a working group to discuss actions that the organisation will take to respond to the events as they unfold as well as how best to support the membership, especially those most directly affected by this tragic situation. This working group includes members of the Executive Steering Committee, Scientific Committee, Ethics Committee, and Outreach team.

We have created a new website page, Community for Good, for posting information about ways to help support Ukrainian colleagues as well as ongoing initiatives to document and protect the region’s endangered heritage. This new page will be populated further over the coming days, and we welcome suggestions for projects to post. We envision that this permanent portal will help connect our expert members with initiatives supporting cultural heritage and related to this conflict and other crises around the world.

CAA seeks to be a welcoming community for all and has generally remained apolitical on major international issues. Facilitating dialogues that reflect a wide variety of viewpoints on archaeology and digital heritage makes us stronger. We also recognize that individual members’ beliefs may not reflect those of their employers or governments, even if they are not in a position to voice them. However, in convening an international archaeological conference later this year, it will be impossible to ignore events, nor should we, because of both their humanitarian toll as well as the targeted destruction of cultural heritage. All paper submissions must align with CAA’s ethics policy. Please see the Call for Papers for additional information on the ethics policy in the context of these events as well as whom to contact if you have questions about individual proposals. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine and all who have been impacted by this terrible tragedy.