CAA welcomes bids for CAA 2022 and 2023

Members of CAA can present conference bids at the AGM for the coming three years. The deadline for submitting a formal bid to be presented at the AGM in Oxford is 17 February. Bids need to be submitted by email to the CAA secretary. The Executive Steering Committee (ESC) will evaluate the merits of the bid and whether it can be presented at the AGM. Bids will only be supported by the ESC if they support the aims of CAA and its annual conferences, and if its team and organisational plans reflect a viable conference.

More details about conference bids can be found in the CAA constitution:

“iii) The ESC shall discuss bids from CAA National Chapters, individuals and groups wishing to organise future Conferences. Bids can be submitted up to three years before the conference date to be proposed. They shall assess these, and make proposals to the AGM for the appointment of future organisers. In recommending acceptance of any bid to hold the annual conference, the ESC will normally give preference to proposals from prospective organisers who have a track record of attending CAA and/or are active within a National Chapter. These proposals shall be circulated to all members in advance of the AGM and a final decision shall be taken at the AGM.

iv) In assessing offers from future organisers, the ESC shall consider two main areas, firstly the extent to which the proposed arrangements support the aims of the annual conference and secondly the viability of the proposed arrangements. The proposed location will also be considered to establish a fair geographical coverage for CAA conferences and to encourage new areas of membership and activity. Once appointed, the organisers shall be provided with CAA conference guidelines but within those guidelines will be given as much freedom as possible to experiment with new ideas so that successive conferences do not stagnate into a traditional format but continue to change and grow with changing times.”