Call for six CAA International Scientific Committee (ScC) posts

CAA’s Scientific Committee (ScC) is responsible for overseeing consistency in the scientific quality of the conferences. The ScC and its chair review session, paper and poster proposals in a consistent and transparent manner, and can make the final decision on accepting or rejecting contributions together with the conference’s local organiser. The ScC consists of 14 individuals: 11 committee members, two local organisers, and the chair of the committee.
The first three-year term of our first ScC group is now at an end, and we invite six new members to join the committee. Candidates for these posts have experience with the CAA community and conferences, but are not required to be CAA members at time of application.

Tasks of the scientific committee include:
• The ScC is responsible for overseeing the scientific quality of session, paper and poster proposals, and has the final say on accepting or rejecting contributions (together with the local organiser).
• The ScC and its chair will perform their tasks in a consistent and transparent manner.
• The role of the ScC is limited to the conference activities and it is not involved in the quality control of the publications (this is the responsibility of the Editorial Board).
• The ScC chair is responsible for allocating tasks to ScC members, for coordinating the activities of the ScC with those of the local organiser, and for communicating with the ESC.
• The local organiser is a member of the ScC and will communicate practical limitations of the conference (e.g. number of rooms, maximum number of parallel sessions, maximum number of sessions) with the ScC chair.
• The local organiser and the ScC chair jointly make the final decision to accept or reject submissions
• The ScC and its Chair will work according to the published responsibilities and guidelines as approved by CAA members at the AGM.
• The ScC will create 2-3 thematic sessions to replace general sessions that would be available for people to submit to.

Candidates interested in applying for these posts should send a short motivational statement demonstrating their experience with the CAA conferences and a CV to the CAA secretary before 25 March 2019.