Nick Ryan Bursary nominees

Last week we informed about the Nick Ryan Bursary 2017. The nominated student papers are highlighted below. All conference delegates at CAA Atlanta are encouraged to attend these papers to support these individuals and to make an informed decision in their vote.

Nazarij Buławka

PhD Candidate, University of Warsaw

Ancient landscapes and present-day agriculture – on the example of Tejen River (Turkmenistan)

Session: Mobile GIS and field survey – current possibilities, future needs

Ashely Green

Full-time PhD student at Bournemouth University, UK

Information systems and ad hoc workflow models as viable assets for the pre-excavation detection of human interments

Session: Automation is here to stay! The hitch-hiker’s guide to automated object detection and image processing in remote sensing

Vivian S. James

Doctoral student in the University at Albany Department of Anthropology

Context as Theory: Towards Unification of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology

Session: General – GIS

Claudine Gravel-Miguel

Arizona State University PhD candidate; will defend in April 2017

Using an ABM to evaluate the impact of missing links on our interpretation of social networks

Session: Archaeological networks: Uncertainty, missing data, and statistical inference

Rebecca Napolitano

Graduate student year 2, Princeton University

Digital Workflow for Structural Analysis of Discontinuous Media

Session: Structural Analysis for Cultural Heritage

Samantha Thi Porter

PhD student (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)

A Comparative Analysis of Châtelperronian and Protoaurignacian Blade Core Technology Using Data Derived from 3D Models

Session: Close Range 3D Data Acquisition, Processing, Querying and Presentation in Cultural Heritage

Emma Slayton

Leiden University PhD student, final year

Seafaring with Mental Sign Posts: Connecting Materials with Canoe Routes in the Archaic Age Northern Lesser Antilles

Session: General

Andrew Upton

Doctoral student at Michigan State University

Frontier Networks: Cultural Transmission and Multiple Relations at the Intersection of Mississippian and Oneota Worlds

Session: Archaeological Networks: Uncertainty, Missing Data, and Statistical Inference