CAA Officers’ statement on President Trump’s travel ban

The Officers of CAA are distressed by President Trump’s travel ban and the possible effects on CAA members. As a matter of principle we are opposed to the ban, not least as it goes against the important right of academic freedom, the right for all academics and researchers to freely meet, communicate and participate jointly in discourse and collaboration. If any members experience difficulties in travelling to the conference in Atlanta, CAA International along with the CAA 2017 organisers will help wherever possible, for example in providing an official letter of invitation. We advise everyone thinking of going to Atlanta to check their ESTA or visa situation as early as possible. Finally, some members have suggested boycotting CAA in Atlanta and while we appreciate this is the decision that each of you must make, we would urge you to support the huge efforts that Jeffery and Team Atlanta have made in organising the event and trying to ensure that it a success.

Signed: The Executive Officers of CAA