#caasoton Archive Tweet Deletion Form

Please fill in the form below if there are tweets in the #caasoton archive that you would like us to delete. Note that we are only able to delete the tweets in our archive, they will still be available to web users through the Twitter API.

This form will be available until the 31st May 2012. If you wish for tweets to be deleted from the archive, you must fill in this form before the 31st May 2012.

Check through your own tweets that include the hashtag #caasoton using a search engine, we recommend snapbird.org and let us know if you’d like any of your tweets removed.

You can also delete your own tweets from your Twitter account. When logged into Twitter, you will see that each individual tweet has a ‘delete’ option. This will remove it from future searches, but it will still be available if saved elsewhere by a third party platform.