3D Spatial Analysis


The ability to gather spatial data for three-dimensional objects, excavations, and landscapes is changing archaeology’s underlying methodological approaches to recording. As these technologies gain wider adoption, the discipline will look to the digital specialists for methods to analyse such data. While approaches have begun to develop, they have been piecemeal. The CAA’s SIG format brings together these specialists to consider and discuss the methodological and theoretical procedures and problems associated with this topic.

Defining 3D Spatial Analysis

A founding aim of the group is to define the meaning of 3D Spatial Analysis. Currently our premise that it is the analysis of 3D datasets, using either established or new innovative computational methods, may be derived from any three-dimensional dataset. The analysis can take place in a 3D Geographic Information System, 3D Modelling Software, or other environments capable of handling or processing 3D data.

Aims and Objectives

The core aim of this group is to use CAA’s SIG format to raise the awareness of 3D Spatial Analysis through the following objectives:

  • Create a friendly and open platform to discuss the role of 3D Spatial Analysis in archaeology
  • Take on the grand challenge to develop 3D Spatial Analytical workflows which enable the effective management of all forms of 3D archaeological data allowing for visualisation and analysis.
  • Forge closer collaborations between researchers already active in this field and allow for the education of researchers and other interested parties.
  • Consider wider applications and implications of the storage and use of 3D data both within and beyond archaeology.
  • Communicate the possibilities of 3D Spatial Analysis with non-technical archaeological practitioners.
  • Provide a platform to present and evaluate the various avenues which are open to archaeology for 3D Spatial Analysis.
  • Encourage development of related technologies, frameworks (such as FOSS4G) and theoretical perspectives.

Joining the SIG

If you are interested in joining the 3D Spatial Analysis SIG, the please contact the coordinators.

SIG Report