Q: When I publish a paper in the CAA Proceedings, how are copyright issues dealt with?
A: When your paper is accepted for the CAA Proceedings, you are asked to sign a Copyright License Agreement, that transfers the copyrights of your paper to CAA. However, you are free to distribute your paper(s) for personal, non-commercial use. This includes archiving in institutional repositories, and storage on personal websites and services like academia.edu and Researchgate.

However, we ask you to refrain from archiving and distributing versions of your paper(s) that have not been accepted for publication yet.

Q: What is the difference between printed proceedings and online-only proceedings?
A: In order to prevent proceedings volumes to become too expensive, the number of papers appearing in print is limited to the 50 that were ranked highest by reviewers. All other accepted papers will be published online-only.

Q: How many papers do I get to review as a member of the Review College?
A: This depends on the number of incoming papers, and the availability of reviewers with the required expertise, but we try to keep it to a maximum of 5.  You are under no obligation whatsoever to accept all incoming review requests.

Q: I am a reviewer, but I can’t log in
A: Log in under Submissions/Registration instead of Members. Your reviewer account is linked to the conference management system, and not to the CAA membership page. Your login will remain valid for all upcoming conferences, so please keep your username and password in a safe place.

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