CAA Denmark

CAA Denmark is a chapter for all archaeologist with an interest in computational, digital and data driven archaeology in Denmark.

CAA Denmark was founded in 2016 as an extension of the previous community Archaeological GIS forum. Thus, CAA Denmark provides the same general outline with a heavy focus on archaeological GIS, experience sharing and troubleshooting similar to the principles of archaeological GIS forum. Consequently, CAA Denmark stands for a solution based computational, digital, and data driven archaeology in Danish, Scandinavian and European context.

Annually CAA Denmark hosts a seminar on a chosen subject by the board based on suggestions from attendees and long-term guests of the seminar. Presenters are accepted if relevant for the topic, and speakers are invited to give a presentation on a topic relevant to the solution based computational, digital and data driven archaeology in Denmark.

Steering committee

Karl Hjalte Maack Raun


Vibeke Knöchel Christensen


Nadja M. K. Mortensen


Kirsti Pedersen


Jeppe Færch-Jensen


Peter Jensen


Annual reports