ESC Candidate Statements

The three Executive Steering Committee (ESC) positions up for election in this cycle are Secretary, Membership Secretary, and Bursary & Student/Low-Income Officer. Candidates are being elected to a three-year term commencing at the end of the 2023 AGM, which will be held during the conference in Amsterdam. To learn more about the candidates and their plans for supporting CAA in these roles, please see their statements and videos below.

Election Process

Electronic ballots will be emailed to all current CAA members on 31 October. Voting will remain open through 14 November 2022.

Bursary & Student/Low-Income Officer

Timo Geitlinger

Candidate: Timo Geitlinger, running for his first full term

Dear CAA members, My name is Timo Geitlinger and I am a postgraduate researcher in Zurich. I am running for the vacant position of bursary and student/low-income officer. Attending this year’s CAA conference in Oxford, I was thrilled by all the fascinating interactions I had and all the like-minded people I met. I perceive the CAA as a vivid organisation, which profoundly represents one of my main fields of interest: Digital Archaeology. Through its publications and conferences, it furthermore stimulates the global scientific exchange within this field of research, regardless of any political, cultural, or linguistic borders. I am therefore very motivated to play an active part in this organisation and to help shape it for the future.

Since the beginning of my studies in Archaeology, I have been volunteering for several archaeological organisations and projects. This includes voluntary work for the EAA 2019 in Berne, archaeological student associations of the University of Zurich, and the Swiss national digital archaeology conference Digiarch2020. Furthermore, as student representative and member of the executive committee of the national association Swiss Archaeology, I already gained relevant experience in representing students and low-income individuals. As local representative of the bursary committee of this year’s CAA conference in Oxford I am already very familiar with the whole bursary process. This is also why I took over the bursary and student/low-income officer position ad interim.

My goal as bursary officer is to make the access to a bursary as easy and inclusive as possible, while keeping the process and bursary decision transparent and comprehensible for everyone. I would welcome the opportunity to further develop the skills I have gained so far and hope that you vote for me! Thank you for your time and consideration,


Jeffrey Glover

Candidate: Jeffrey Glover, running for his second term

My name is Jeffrey Glover and I will be completing my first term as Secretary at the 2023 meeting and am honored to have the opportunity to continue my service to the organization for another three years. I have been an active CAA member since my first meeting in Gotland, Sweden in 2001. I was part of the group that launched the CAA North America chapter and served as one of its first officers. I hosted the 2017 CAA International Conference and co-edited those proceedings. Since 2020, I have been serving as the Secretary for CAA International. During my term as Secretary, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my fellow ESC officers. We have had to deal with many challenges over the past three years related to the global pandemic and other issues. As part of the ESC, I worked closely with the 2021 team to host our first ever virtual conference and then worked with the 2022 team on our first ever hybrid meeting. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, I honestly think we have done a good job keeping the organization active and moving forward. There have also been other exciting but demanding tasks during the past three years that I have been a part of, such as the website redesign process and the Ukraine Working Group.

In the next three years I hope to have to deal with less crises and focus more on increasing engagement between CAA International and our vibrant National Chapters and Special Interest Groups. I think CAA International can do a better job sharing the exciting opportunities offered by our National Chapters to our broader membership. I am also very excited to help plan special activities associated with our organizations upcoming 50th anniversary. This is a great milestone – a chance to reflect on how far we have come as well as to critically chart our path for the next 50 years. In short, I am just excited to be of service to an organization that has meant so much to me over the past 20+ years.

Membership Secretary

Emma Slayton

Candidate: Emma Slayton, running for her second term

Statement and video forthcoming