CAA2025: Athens, Greece

Conference Dates: 5-9 May 2025

Esteemed colleagues,

We are delighted to present our bid for hosting the 52nd CAA International Conference 2025. The CAA International Conferences have long been recognized as hubs of scholarship, innovation, and collaboration in the realm of cultural heritage. For our upcoming conference, titled “Digital Horizons: Embracing Heritage in an Evolving World,” we aim to build upon the rich legacy of past conferences and push the boundaries of discourse even further.

Our proposal offers a compelling opportunity to address the pressing challenges and harness the potential of digital technologies in preserving, interpreting, and promoting cultural heritage. Our organizing team comprises accomplished professionals with extensive expertise in cultural heritage, digital technologies, and sustainable development. Drawing on their collective experience, we are committed to curating an exceptional program featuring renowned keynote speakers, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking panel discussions.

An advantage of our bid lies in the chosen location: Athens. Steeped in history and renowned for its rich archaeological treasures, Athens provides a captivating backdrop for our conference. Participants will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the city’s cultural heritage, which perfectly aligns with the conference’s objectives.

Moreover, our conference aims to foster collaboration and networking opportunities by bringing together experts, researchers, and practitioners from diverse backgrounds. We envision a platform that facilitates meaningful knowledge exchange, partnership building, and future collaborations, with the potential to yield research collaborations, policy recommendations, and practical solutions.

To ensure a seamless experience, we have meticulously planned logistics, forging strong relationships with local institutions, organizations, and key stakeholders. Their support, coupled with a variety of accommodation options and streamlined transportation arrangements, will ensure the comfort and convenience of all participants.

We kindly request your careful consideration of our bid for hosting the CAA2025 conference. Our proposal brings together the necessary ingredients for a successful and impactful event.

Thank you for your valuable time and consideration. We are at your disposal to provide further information and address any questions you may have. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to discuss this proposal in greater detail.

Warmest regards,
On behalf of the Organizing Committee,
George Pavlidis & Dorina Moullou, Co-Chairs

Video Presentation of the Bid

Conference Venue: The University of West Attica, Ancient Elaionas Campus

Venue Facilities: The majority of the conference activities will be at the Conference Center located on the University of West Attica’s Ancient Elaionas Campus. The venue, which is accessible, has an auditorium, conference halls for sessions, and free WiFi throughout the space.

Getting to the Venue: The Conference Center is accessible via public transportation. The nearest metro station is Aigaleo (Blue line M3). From there, attendees may catch a bus or taxi, which will take about 10 minutes to reach the venue, or to walk (2.5 km). A taxi from Syntagma Square to the Conference Center will take about 22 minutes and cost around €12.

Dining: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be available at the restaurant on the campus, within walking distance of the venue. Lunch will be included in the conference registration fee.

Childcare: CAA2025 will be family-friendly. Students in the Department of Pedagogy will be available to look after children in the conference center daycare.

Preliminary Schedule and Social Events

5 May 2025, Workshops and Ice Breaker The Ice Breaker reception will be held at the conference venue.
6 May 2025, Keynotes and Opening Day of Presentations
7 May 2025, Presentations, the Annual General Meeting, and Conference Dinner There are several beautiful options for the conference dinner, such as the Acropolis Museum, the Benakis Museum, the Byzantine & Christain Museum, and the Zappeion Megaron.
8 May 2025, Final day of presentations
9 May 2025, Optional Excursions Athens and the surrounding regions offer many enriching cultural visits. The offerings for the optional post-conference excursions will be determined closer to the meeting, but possible options include the Ancient Lavrion-Souriza Archaeological Site, Sounion, and Marathon. Attendees might also explore many of Athens rich museums, including the Acropolis, or follow their tastebuds on a culinary tour. Those with a few extra days before or after the conference could visit sites like Delphi and Olympia or take in some of the nearby islands.

Organising Committee and Supporting Institutions

George Pavlidis, Athena Research Centre, Co-Chair
Dorina Moullou, Ephorate of Antiquities of East Attica and Hellenic Open University, Co-Chair
Eleni Andrikou, Ephorate of Antiquities of East Attica
Yorgos Facorellis, University of West Attica
Petros Kalantonis, University of West Attica
Aristidis Papagrigoriou, University of West Attica
Spyridon, Siakas, University of West Attica
Lamprinia Trivella, University of West Attica
Stelios Zerefos, Hellenic Open University


Ephorate of East Attica