Nick Ryan Bursary

To honour the work of its longstanding chair Nick Ryan, CAA International provides the annual Nick Ryan Bursary. The Nick Ryan Bursary will be chosen from this year’s student paper presenters. The award will go towards the costs of attending CAA 2021 in Cyprus, up to a maximum of 1,000 Euros.

Following the steering committee meeting for CAA 2018, it was decided to create a focused session for Nick Ryan bursary nominees, to allow for their presentations to be heard together and reviewed by the same panel of experts, creating a fairer review process for all. Through this year’s paper submission process, a tick box will be available to select, which will notify the local organisers that you wish to be considered for this session. Each abstract will then be reviewed by the the CAA scientific committee and a maximum of eight papers will be selected for presentation in Oxford. For those papers not selected for the Nick Ryan Bursary session, the paper submission will continue through our normal evaluation process and will be assigned to a suitable thematic session, where the session chairs, along with the scientific committee will review the submission. Any paper not presented within the Nick Ryan Bursary session will not be considered for this prestigious award.

During the session, each paper will be assessed by the CAA Scientific Committee based on the style of presentation, content, and  delivery. The person with the highest average score will be chosen as the winner for the bursary award for 2020

If you have any questions around this process please email the Student/Low Income Officer.

All delegates are encouraged to attend this new session to provide support to those students who are presenting at CAA for the first time.

Please note that the deadline for paper submissions is now closed

Previous Nick Ryan Bursary winners:
CAA 2013: Ben Davies
CAA 2014: Iza Romanowska
CAA 2015: Chiara Piccoli
CAA 2016: Iris Kramer
CAA 2017: Samantha Thi Porter
CAA 2018: Heather Christie
CAA 2019: Benjamin Hanussek

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