CAA Steering Committee

Elected Members of the Executive Steering Committee (ESC)

Co-opted Members

Editorial Board

Ethics Officers

  • Catriona Cooper (ethics officer)
  • Hugh Corley (ethics officer)
  • L. Meghan Dennis (ethics officer)
  • Lorna-Jane Richardson (ethics officer)
  • Priscilla Ulguim (CAA Brazil; ethics officer)

Conference Organisers

  • Phaedon Kyriakidis (CAA 2021 organiser)
  • John Pouncett (CAA 2022 organiser)
  • Philip Verhagen (CAA 2023 co-organiser)
  • Jitte Waagen (CAA 2023 co-organiser)

National Chapter Representatives

  • Juan Barceló (CAA Spain)
  • Kai-Christian Bruhn (CAA Germany)
  • Rebecca Cannell (CAA Norway)
  • Josh Emmitt (CAA Australasia)
  • Emeri Farinetti (CAA Greece)
  • Martin Hinz (CAA Switzerland)
  • Elizabeth Jerem (CAA Hungary)
  • Patricia Murrieta-Flores (CAA Mexico)
  • Hembo Pagi (CAA Estonia; information systems)
  • Heather Richards-Rissetto (CAA North America)
  • Lawrence Shaw (CAA UK)
  • Ladislav Šmejda (CAA Czech Republic/Slovakia)
  • Marcus Smith (CAA Sweden)
  • Priscilla Ulguim (CAA Brazil; ethics officer)
  • Ronald Visser (CAA Netherlands/Flanders)


  • Hembo Pagi (CAA Estonia; information systems)
  • Alicia Walsh (Outreach Officer)

Scientific Committee

  • Rachel Opitz (CAA Scientific Committee chair)

Incoming Officers

Terms to begin after the 2022 Annual General Meeting in August

  • Lisa Fischer (chair)
  • Karl Smith (treasurer)
  • Izabela Romanowska (publication officer)
  • Ulla Rajala (bursary and student/low-income officer)

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