Previous Meetings

CAA is approaching its 50th conference to be held in 2023. The first CAA meeting was convened in 1973 at the University of Birmingham in England. For the first two decades, the organisation met annually in the UK. In 1992, the CAA conference expanded to continental Europe, meeting in Aarhus, Denmark, and thereafter other European cities. In 2006, CAA continued to grow internationally, holding its first meeting outside of Europe, in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. Since then, the CAA conference has also traveled to Asia and Australia. In 2020, the conference had to be cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first time that an annual meeting has not been held since 1973. In 2021, CAA moved online, with the first virtual conference attracting more than 350 participants from around the world. CAA hopes to resume its in-person meeting this year through a hybrid CAA 2022 conference to be held in August in Oxford, UK.

CAA Conferences from 2000 – 2021

  • CAA 2021: ‘Digital Crossroads’, Virtual Conference from Limassol, Cyprus
  • CAA 2020: Oxford, UK (Postponed to 2022)
  • CAA 2019: ‘Check Object Integrity’, Krakow, Poland
  • CAA 2018: ‘Human History and Digital Future’, Tübingen, Germany
  • CAA 2017: ‘Digital Archaeologies, Material Worlds (Past and Present)’, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • CAA 2016: ‘Exploring Oceans of Data’, Oslo, Norway
  • CAA 2015: ‘Keep the Revolution Going’, Sienna, Italy
  • CAA 2014: ’21st Century Archaeology’, Paris, France
  • CAA 2013: ‘Across Space and Time’, Perth, Australia
  • CAA 2012: Southampton, UK
  • CAA 2011″ ‘Revive the Past’, Beijing, China
  • CAA 2010: ‘Fusion of Cultures’, Granada, Spain
  • CAA 2009: ‘Making History Interactive’, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
  • CAA 2008: ‘On The Road To Reconstructing The Past’, Budapest, Hungary
  • CAA 2007: ‘Layers of Perception’, Berlin, Germany
  • CAA 2006: ‘Digital Discovery: Exploring New Frontiers in Human Heritage’, Fargo, North Dakota, USA
  • CAA 2005: ‘The world is in your eyes’, Tomar, Portugal
  • CAA 2004: ‘Beyond the artifact—Digital interpretation of the past’, Prato, Italy
  • CAA 2003: ‘Enter the Past’, Vienna, Austria
  • CAA 2002: ‘The Digital Heritage of Archaeology’, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • CAA 2001: ‘Archaeological Informatics—Pushing the Envelope’, Gotland, Sweden
  • CAA 2000: ‘Computing archaeology for understanding the past’. Jubljiana, Slovenia

Acceptance ratios:

  • CAA 2017 Atlanta. 414 abstracts received, 36 papers published, 9% acceptance ratio
  • CAA 2016 Oslo, 277 abstracts received, 65 papers published, 23% acceptance ratio
  • CAA 2015 Siena, 571 abstracts received, 116 papers published, 20% acceptance ratio