Data Protection Policy

CAA (Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology) is an international organisation bringing together archaeologists, mathematicians, and computer scientists. Its aims are to encourage communication between these disciplines, to provide a survey of present work in the field, and to stimulate discussion and future progress.

To facilitate this, CAA uses personal information to carry out the many functions connected to the running of our yearly conference and membership programme.

CAA, therefore, collects a wide range of personal data and will endeavour to ensure that they use personal information in line with the expectations and interests of those with whom they come into contact, including their Executive steering Committee, Sub-committees, and members, for the benefit of CAA and in compliance with data protection legislation.

The full policy provides guidance on the processing of personal data (collection, use, storage, sharing and disposal) in accordance with data protection legislation. It applies to data that relates to identifiable living individuals stored and used either electronically or on paper. Compliant processing will support effective business operations and minimise the risk of harm to individuals. Our Individual Rights Policy is available here.

Adherence to this policy is mandatory for all CAA Members who use personal data held by CAA.