SIG: Education, Training and Outreach

We would like to set a grand challenge to the profession in parallel to Po/Re/St asking what does archaeology do?  We want to identify the key professional skills that we expect a recent graduate/new career professional to have.  Where these are digital, we want to establish to the level of learning objectives, what are the educational outcome requirements and what training should be offered alongside them.  In parallel to this, the desirable outcomes in education in the broader sense of outreach may be addressed with target audiences, classes and types of outcome.  The actual audience composition and outcomes are likely to be different by geography but we suspect that there are sufficient generalities to allow pairing of broad audience classes to web presence strategies and architectures/structures.

If you are interested in joining this SIG, contact the SIG coordinators.

SIG coordinators:

  • Yasuhisa Kondo
  • Matthias Lang
  • Stephen Stead
  • Philip Verhagen

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