Future Conferences


The CAA2024 conference, which was approved by the membership during the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM), will be in Auckland, New Zealand, from 8 – 12 April 2024.

Bidding to Host a Future CAA Conference

The conference is vital for building, maintaining, and strengthening the CAA community. Through visiting different geographic areas, CAA seeks to engage new researchers involved with computational archaeology within a region, enabling the participation of students and scholars who may never have been able to travel to a CAA International conference before. The annual meeting also provides an important opportunity for attendees to learn more about archaeology and digital projects in diverse parts of the world.

CAA conference locations are selected, usually two to three years in advance, through a vote of the membership at the AGM. At least one member of the organising team must be a long-standing member of CAA International, and a bid should be supported by a national chapter, if one exists within the region. All conference organisers must be willing to abide by CAA Ethics Policy, including Appendix IV which outlines requirements for hosting the annual meeting.

CAA2025 Update

CAA’s ESC is currently exploring bids for the CAA2025 conference, which we would like to award before the end of 2023. At this year’s AGM in Amsterdam, the membership approved holding an electronic vote on any proposals submitted to host the 2025 conference. Prospective organisers are encouraged to contact CAA’s secretary to request a copy of the guidelines.

CAA2026 & CAA2027 Proposals

We will be accepting bids to host the CAA2026 conference, and possibly CAA2027, in early 2024 for presentation at the CAA2024 AGM in Auckland, New Zealand. More information about submitting a proposal will be posted by September.