Scientific Committee

CAA’s Scientific Committee (ScC) is responsible for overseeing consistency in the scientific quality of the conferences. The ScC and its chair will review session, paper and poster proposals in a consistent and transparent manner, and can make the final decision on accepting or rejecting contributions together with the conference’s local organiser. The ScC consists of 13-14 individuals: 11 committee members, the local organiser(s), and the chair of the committee.

The current CAA Scientific Committee:

  • Paul Reilly (Chair)
  • Matthias Lang and Volker Hochschild (local organisers)
  • Athos Agapiou
  • Alžběta Danielisová
  • Lisa Fischer
  • Sorin Hermon
  • Jeremy Huggett
  • Tuna Kalayci
  • Hector Orengo
  • Eleftheria Paliou
  • Heather Richards-Rissetto
  • Apostolos Sarris
  • Stephen Stead

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