Previous Meetings

CAA Meetings are planned annually since 1973.
Links to previous meetings are listed below.

  • CAA2017, Atlanta, USA: ‘Digital Archaeologies, Material Worlds (Past and Present)’
  • CAA 2016, Oslo, Norway: ‘Exploring Oceans of Data’
  • CAA 2015, Sienna, Italy: ‘Keep the Revolution Going’
  • CAA 2014, Paris, France: ’21st Century Archaeology’
  • CAA 2013, Perth, Australia: ‘Across Space and Time’
  • CAA 2012, Southampton, UK
  • CAA 2011, Beijing, China: ‘Revive the Past’
  • CAA 2010, Granada, Spain: ‘Fusion of Cultures’
  • CAA 2009, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA: ‘Making History Interactive’
  • CAA 2008, Budapest, Hungary: ‘On The Road To Reconstructing The Past’
  • CAA 2007, Berlin, Germany: ‘Layers of Perception’.
  • CAA 2006, Fargo, North Dakota, USA: ‘Digital Discovery: Exploring New Frontiers in Human Heritage’
  • CAA 2005, Tomar, Portugal: ‘The world is in your eyes’
  • CAA 2004, Prato, Italy: ‘Beyond the artifact – Digital interpretation of the past
  • CAA 2003, Vienna, Austria: ‘Enter the Past’
  • CAA 2002, Heraklion, Crete, Greece: ‘The Digital Heritage of Archaeology’
  • CAA 2001, Gotland, Sweden: ‘Archaeological Informatics – Pushing the Envelope’
  • CAA 2000, Jubljiana, Slovenia: ‘Computing archaeology for understanding the past’

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